Prison Break (We Don’t Mean From High School)

End of the World Prison

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End of the World Prison

Bruce Czachor, Writer

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When most people think of prisoners escaping from their cells, they think these situations are only possible in movies and television shows. Well, unfortunately, prison escapes have proven themselves to be very real; the United States has faced numerous prison escapes in the last century, the most recent being the breakout of two inmates at the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York. The police have no doubt that someone else aided in the two inmates’, Richard Matt and David Sweat, escape from the prison, but they do not know who.

The two men have been on the run since they were reported missing on the morning of June 6. The convicted murderers apparently used power tools to cut their way out of their cells into a maze of pipes where they crawled and navigated their way through and popped out of a manhole only one block away from the prison. An employee who tailored clothes at the correctional facility is being questioned and is suspected of being an accomplice to the prisoners escape. The woman has not been arrested or charged with any crimes as of now, but criminologists say that the idea of a female employee succumbing to male inmates is very possible. Investigators believe that the employee may have given the inmates the tools they needed to break their way out of their cells because of an alleged attraction to the two inmates. Investigators are describing the woman as suffering from hybristophilia, which is a psychological idea where a woman is attracted to a “bad boy”, and Richard Matt and David Sweat, both murderers, definitely fall into this category. The investigation of the prison break is planned to continue until the escaped inmates are captured and returned to their cells where they belong for the horrific things they have done.