History of Halloween

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History of Halloween

Fiona Kean

Halloween is here.

Fiona Kean, Writer

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Halloween is celebrated all over the world in many different ways. Halloween is celebrated as in Latin America as Dia de los Muertos, AKA Day of the Dead. In Ireland and the United States the holiday comes from old traditions.

In Latin American countries, like Mexico, The Day of the Dead is celebrated starting on October 31 and lasts three days. This holiday’s purpose is to honor the dead and many people set up altars in their homes for the deceased. It is believed that the dead will return to the home on Halloween.

Halloween originated in Ireland, and is still celebrated there. Halloween evolved from an ancient Celtic holiday that marked the end of the harvest season, but today Halloween is more about the candy. Modern Halloween involves children in Ireland and the United States getting dressed up in costumes and go through their neighborhood “trick-or-treating”.

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