Climate March in NYC

Eco Watch

A sign from the march.

Cara Smith, Writer

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This past Sunday, a climate march took place in New York City. This march extended through Midtown, from Columbus Circle to Times Square. Not only did a climate march take place in New York City, but also there were marches in different countries all over the world. The purpose for this march was to raise awareness for global climate change. This event welcomed all people of all ages who were concerned about climate change in our environment. The demonstrators who took part in this march came from all over the world but many were from the United States. There were so many people who participated in the march that at one point in the afternoon the march came to a halt because the entire march route was full.

Using the data that they collected, the organizers of the march estimated that 311,000 people participated. During the march, there were very interesting homemade signs and decorations like inflatable mosque and a replica of Noah’s arc that was the size of a school bus. At the climax of the march the protestors became quiet for a moment of silence. At exactly 1 pm a whistle interrupted the silence, followed by a lot of noises and banging supposed to represent a collective alarm on climate change. The march was highly successful and brought a lot of attention to climate change around the world.