Moldy Sandwich or Bomb?

Madeline Watson, Writer

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Early June 11th, Morristown High School was swarming with police officers and bomb squads due to a bomb threat. Just a day before, teachers discovered on a bathroom wall a message scrawled out that read “bomb, for real, June 11, June 11, June.”  The building was searched on June 10th and a K9 unit greeted students when they arrived at school the next morning, searching all backpacks and bags. The school took other precautions such as cancelling extracurricular activities, and suspending senior privilege. Even with all these precautions, Morristown students had to be evacuated on Tuesday morning. Maybe it was because of all the safety measures that made everyone on edge, including a teacher who considered an unknown package a possible bomb. Authorities reacted, and parents received an alert electronically. After careful examination, the package turned out to only be a lunchbox. However, all is not well on the home front. A sophomore at Morristown high school says that just this morning “five police cars, around 15 policemen and all the administrators were out front to check bags and make kids cooperate,” adding that “it was kind of crazy.”

With a bomb threat just miles away from Madison, and so many bomb threats going on recently, many people are a bit anxious. Morristown’s evacuation paralleled Princeton University’s own evacuation due to bomb threats on multiple buildings. There has been an alarming amount of bomb threats in New Jersey alone. According to, there were 19 evacuations in April, and that in just one day in May there were 6 bomb scares. $1,000 is being offered to anyone who can help Morris County CrimeStoppers make an arrest for any of the cases.


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