Chris Christie Drops Pounds as 2016 Looms

Emily Fritze, Writer

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The famous governor of New Jersey, known to many as an overweight politician, may not be overweight for much longer. Three months ago Christie underwent a weight loss banding treatment that resulted in him losing forty pounds. While many are claiming hypocrisy from a man who once said, “ I doubt it (my weight) will play any role or effect in what I do,” Christie claims the weight loss is for his health and his family and not in any way related to his political career.

To support Christie’s claims, it has been said that his weight makes him more “relatable” in helping citizens see him as a real person, and that it may even be good for his political career. Despite this, his weight loss operation did take place as rumors surfaced about his possible run for president or vice president in 2016, causing many to see the timing of the weight loss non-coincidental. If weight does plays apart in whether or not a candidate gets elected for president, then Christie is not wrong in wanting to do all that he can to gain votes. To back the idea that presidential elections are partially related to appearance is the fact that an overweight candidate hasn’t been elected for president since William Howard Taft nearly 100 years ago.

In a time where there is so much criticism directed at people who are overweight, it is scary just how much that outward opinion affects the country. Children are taught not to judge a book by its cover, or people by how they look, but it is undeniable aspect of our society. So much is set in store by looks, but the idea that it could be the reason a candidate doesn’t get elected for president shows just how far America’s concern with appearance has gone.

Sources: Santora, Marc, and Zernike Kate. “Weight Led Governor to Surgery.” New York Times 8 May 2013, A19. Print.

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