3 Dead, Over 100 injured in Boston Marathon Bombing


Will Wraith, writer

Explosions rocked the finish line of the Boston Marathon just before 3 pm on Monday, as two bombs laced with shrapnel were set off with the intention of harming Boston citizens. 3 are reported dead (including an eight year old child) and over 100 are reported injured in the aftermath of the attack. Witnesses claim to have seen two packages in the area right before the explosions occurred. The investigation is on going but one thing is for certain, this was an act of terror meant to harm and bring fear to the city of Boston.

Airports in New York, DC, and San Francisco have increased their security and a perimeter has been pushed to Lafayette park to protect the White House. The Citizens of Boston are in a state of complete shock, struggling to make any sense of the attacks believed to have been carried out by a small group or “Lone Wolf” individual. Boston officials have reported that the devices were most likely small improvised explosives and that possibly 2 additional unsuccessful devices were found among the 2 successful explosives that went off on Boylston Street, 4 hours and 9 minutes into the race. The detonation is believed to have been timely, planned considering the high traffic of runners at the finish line. Boston P.D. have asked citizens to stay in their homes and avoid forming crowds or groups.

The Boston Marathon is an event recognized by many citizens as the greatest day of the year in Boston. Hundred’s of thousands of people flood into the city to compete and take part in the day’s great events. According to Boston residents interviewed on MSNBC,the “happy go lucky day” is known by citizens as beloved “Marathon Monday.”  The event coincides with Patriots Day, a holiday to remember the battles at Lexington and Concord. An annual Red Sox game is held at 11 am every year to celebrate the tradition. But now, Boston’s last great sporting event will go down in history as one of the worst terrorist attacks in American history.

MSNBC reporter Rachel Maddow described the scene as “very eery” in Boston just hours after the explosions. One experienced runner explained how bars in the area are “usually packed” after the event, but currently, the streets are empty. Entire blocks have been shut down and a perimeter has been set to lock down the area surrounding Boylston Street.

Boston P.D., The National Guard, and even some Navy officials are reported to be on scene within the 2 block perimeter working diligently to collect any and all evidence. Renowned terrorism analyst, Michael Leiter stated firmly that “we’re going to find the ones who did this.” President Obama had little to predicate in the White House press conference, but left his Americans with the vow that the individuals behind the attack will “feel the full weight of justice.”

Even through the horror of the attacks on Monday, Citizens never fell short in their response and incredible courage through the situation. Video of the attack shows civilians heading back to the scene to help victims merely seconds after the explosion. Some marathon runners were seen crossing the finish line and continuing to Mass General Hospital to give blood for victims. EMT’s and police officers sprung into action helping victims into wheel chairs, stretchers, and ambulances. The bravery and heroism of Americans will once again be remembered in history reflecting the courage of service members over a decade ago on September 11th.

“That’s what Americans do in times of crisis: we come together and help one another,” concluded Daniel F. Conley, Suffolk County, Massachusetts’s district attorney. “Moments like this, as terrible as they are,
don’t show our weakness. They show our strength.”


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