Valentine’s Day: Single Version

Selection of Valentine's gifts

Julia Prout

Selection of Valentine's gifts

Valentine´s Day is the most highly exaggerated holiday of the year. US News and World Reports anticipated Valentine´s Day sales would reach $19 billion this year. Most high school or college age students can barely afford a Chipotle burrito, let alone a massive box of chocolate for someone they may not even remember dating by graduation. Overall, Valentine’s Day seems to be all about the money.

As an employee of Hallmark, I can attest that Valentine´s Day is definitely over commercialized. Cards, candy, and plush toys have been all over the shelves since the week, or even the day, after Christmas.  The entire store has been adorned pink and red for weeks on end. Musical plush toys are activated repeatedly by unsuspecting children and adults alike, creating a disturbing soundtrack of strange Valentine’s rap songs.   All of this combined with the lack of a significant other to spend the holiday with means only some chocolate from family members.  (Thanks, Mom!).

Regardless of having a significant other or not, Valentine’s Day is by far the worst holiday. I would rather save the money that would have been spent on Valentine’s Day, and do something personal for the pair of people at a different time, not when every person in the same state as you is trying to get a two person table at a fancy restaurant, with mediocre, yet expensive food just to put on a good show. That time could be spent having a home-cooked meal and relaxing. Fancy dinners are nice, but maybe for an anniversary or birthday.

At least chocolate is discounted February 15th.