Valentine’s Day: Dating Version


Marin Imhoff

Roses: every girls' Valentine's Day wish?

Valentine’s Day. A day dedicated to spending time with the person you love – or at least that’s what it used to be about. Every year when Christmas comes to an end, all the stores start to release their Valentine’s Day collections. Whether it be candy, teddy bears, clothes, or cards, it usually takes up about two aisles in your local supermarket. Valentine’s Day never used to be as commercialized as it is today and this is possibly one of the reasons why people seem to forget the true meaning of this special holiday.

If we’re being completely honest here, Valentine’s Day is just a way for stores to make money off of your feelings. You go to the store with the intentions of buying a simple card for your significant other, and then walk out holding balloons, chocolates, and flowers. Yes, it can be hard to resist all the romantic gifts you imagine giving to someone, but don’t let these stores fool you! Places like florists tend to charge more for what you’re buying on Valentine’s Day as oppose to any other day of the year. For me, Valentine’s day requires no more than a simple hug or kiss and maybe a little chocolate.

Another honest fact about Valentine’s Day, is that it’s just another excuse for people to post on their social media accounts, one being Instagram. As cute as these pictures are, after seeing about a hundred of them on your feed, they begin to look quite similar and start to get very repetitive. Maybe try something different and post a picture with your dog or your grandma for Valentine’s Day. I’m sure many of your single followers would appreciate that.

Although February 14th is already over, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat every day like it’s Valentine’s Day. If you really think about it, there shouldn’t just be one day of the year dedicated to loving or caring about someone. That should be something you do all year round. So next Valentine’s Day, save your money. Stay in and watch a movie with your friend or significant other, cook them dinner, or make them a card. It’s always the little things that count.