Lessons From the Parent Portal

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Lessons From the Parent Portal

Georgia Turvey

Parent Portal

Georgia Turvey, Writer

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Introduced to Madison High School in 2012, the parent portal has become a staple tool for both students and parents in keeping track of grades during all parts of the school year.  When used correctly, the parent portal is an excellent way to increase communication between teachers and students and it allows for students to be more aware of their academics. Yet when students and parents overuse the portal and abuse its initial purpose, it serves as a detriment not only to the student, but to the entire academic community.

Madison is clearly a school that greatly values academics and the future success of its students. However, it is becoming increasingly grade oriented and much of this is due to the use of the parent portal. When a student receives a C on a quiz, are they upset because they do not understand the material or are they upset because of the number in their portal? This obsession with numbers adds to a culture of cheating, as serious students often would rather risk their academic credibility and honor than receive a poor grade.

Students at Madison are fortunate enough to be receiving one of the best educations not only in the state, but also in the country. When the true purpose of education is overlooked and learning comes second to grades, students miss out on some of the greatest joys in receiving an education. Instead of encouraging students learn and to think for themselves, the parent portal encourages students to memorize material and do what is necessary to make the grade.

There is no question as to whether or not the parent portal can be used for good. It allows for students to be more organized and to get a clear visual of areas where they need to improve. However, most students do not use the parent portal in a healthy moderation. It lends itself to an exceedingly competitive nature among students and often stands in the way of an inspiring academic community.

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