Smoldering and Struggling in the Heat

Maura Fennelly, Feature Editor

Girls rush to tanning salons in preparation for prom, the summer days get longer, people break out the flip-flops, and our beloved Madison High School continues to get hotter and hotter.

The extremely high temperatures of May (Yesterday was high of 88 degrees) make it painful to sit in a classroom for almost seven hours with no air conditioning of any sorts. It’s surprising that a school with such a well-structured curriculum and safety standards deems it acceptable to not have A/C throughout the building.

The school district can afford thousand dollar smart boards, a brand new auxiliary gym, a renovation of “G” hall, a new media center, but still no cooling system. Some areas are lucky enough to have A/C, but it’s limited to the media center, cafeteria, main office, and A-2.  The rest of the classrooms are dampened by humidity and complaints by students.  After gym class during a sticky a clammy day, students are forced to sit in a sultry classroom for an hour straight. Now, some blessed classrooms do have fans, but the high majority of classes are subject to the cruel reality of a lack of Air Conditioning.

Now, there may indeed be actual reasoning as to why Madison High School does not have A/C. But, since we are the 6th best high school in all of New Jersey and we also live in the 14th richest county in the entire nation, it’s hard to grasp why our school cannot afford proper cooling devices. Considering that money is being spent on items that collect dust in the school (Smartboards), there should be thorough consideration into a new ventilation system in Madison High School. It is pretty hard to fathom that all of the tax dollars parents spend cannot be spent at all on renovations for the air system. At least some money can be spent on fans in every class.

As the weather continues to get hotter, the complaint from students will continue to grow. The only way to stop the moaning and grieving is to fix the problem of no air conditioning in this school.