Big Businesses Lack of Interest in Factory Fire

Maura Fennelly, Feature Editor

The deadly building collapse in the small down of Savar in Bangladesh on May 7th that killed an estimated 600- 900 lives (there are still missing bodies covered by the rubble) is a clear incident of how corrupt and run down the garment industry is. The factory produced clothing for companies like Walmart and Sears, yet the two companies have given no assistance or aid to the victims involved in the crash. Not only is it despicable that the factory was in violation of building codes and still in use, but the factory owner, Mohammed Sohel Rana fled the scene after he heard of the disaster. Shortly after, Rana was arrested and now faces murder charges. So many other factories are in violation of codes and ordinances for safety that another 18 buildings have shut down since the tragedy. However, the worst part of the whole scenario is American companies lack of interest in the whole matter.

The United States companies that had economic ties to the factory have completely abandoned the nation. The Walt Disney Company announced a few days after the collapse that it would no longer make its merchandise in Bangladesh (Time). Disney is trying to come off as a company that won’t accept terrible labor laws and conditions for workers, but they are really just being selfish. Disney is escaping any way of being sued for liability of the near one thousand deaths the factory collapse has caused. Walmart and Gap are other companies that were affiliated with the factory, but have stated that they have not received clothing from the factories in a few years. It is a shame that multi- billion dollar businesses that had garments produced at the factories are trying to escape any affiliation. The least the companies could do would be to send over some financial aid to the victims and families that were harmed in the catastrophe. The Bangladesh factory disaster is another example of how selfish American businesses can be, especially in times of need. The businesses have no care about the people who make $38 a month making the products, all they do care about is a product.