An Update on Plastic Straws

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Alexandra Mroczko, Writer

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If you are a frequent reader of popular news websites or just enjoy living an eco-friendly lifestyle, than the want to ban plastic straws in America, is not new to you. However, in the recent days, California has become the first state to ban restaurants from automatically giving out plastic straws to customers.

Although California has enacted the first statewide ban, Seattle was the first city to ban this evil plastic, in July of this year. In addition, most people are no stranger to the new “sippy-cup” style lid that is now available at Starbucks, in an effort to eliminate plastic straws from the popular coffee company. According to an article from Eater, written by Whitney Filloon, Americans use approximately 500 million plastic per day and are commonly found littering parks and beaches (Filloon). Filloon says that, as a result of the ban on plastic straws there are cons to this environmentally-friendly rule. For example, people with disabilities have a need for straws due to some inhibiting factors of various physical disorders. So, although it is desirable for plastic straws to be eliminated from the American lifestyle, nothing will be changed without presenting some sort of inconvenience to those who remain dependent.

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