A Star is Born Review

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Isabella Pagano

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A Star is Born was an exceptional film that hit theaters on October 5th, 2018. The most compelling aspect of the movie was one of the Stars, Lady Gaga, who made her acting debut in the film about two singers. Although this was her first film, she could have fooled the audience and critics with her exceptional performance. The pop star, who has had many hit singles, proved herself as an amazing actress in only two hours and fifteen minutes of screen time. The performance she did in the movie also paid tribute to her singing career, as many of the songs sung in the movie have made the top charts this week. 

Unlike so many of the movies put out today, A Star is Born left audiences speechless with its surprising ending and multiple twists throughout the movie. The film also plays with time beautifully. The film took place over a couple years, but time jumps focused on important aspects of the Jackson (Bradley Cooper) and Ally’s (Lady Gaga) relationship and careers in a way that wasn’t confusing to the audience.

A Star is Born was not only Lady Gaga’s acting debut, but it was also Bradley Cooper’s first time directing a film. Although Lady Gaga was the “Star” referred to in the title, the film focuses on Bradley Cooper’s role as Jackson Mane, the son of an alcoholic neglected by his father and even his brother, who attempts to rise to stardom. Jack falls in love with Ally, who he meets at a bar, and helps her become a pop star and Grammy winner while facing his own struggles as a drug addict and alcoholic.

Although the movie has a sad ending, it has definitely lived up to the praise it has received and recognition it has gotten from critics and audiences. The new movie is a must-see for mature audiences with its engaging storyline and an ending that shocked most who viewed it for the first time.

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