Quinn Hurley on the iPhone6

Mrs. Hurley

Quinn Hurley is a goddess

Georgia Turvey, Writer

As many begin to weigh the pros and cons of upgrading to the new iPhone6, senior Quinn Hurley (QH) discusses her transition to the latest model.

MDO: What are the most notable new features of the iPhone6?

QH: The screen seems huge compared to my old one, but it’s so much lighter. I like the feel to it, but it will take an adjustment. It is so much faster than my old phone. The camera is really amazing with so many different focus points and it’s so clear.

MDO: What are the changes from iOS7 to iOS8?

QH: Of what I can see, the changes are some new apps like a health fitness app, but I haven’t used that yet. A huge change is that now above your keyboard as you type there are suggested words that can help you or distract you, which depends on who you are. Since I had a very old model. My phone was a couple of updates back and so there are just so many updates even on most apps compared to my old phone.

MDO: Have you liked this model better than the old one?

QH: I like this better than my old phone because it loads so much faster and is more user friendly. Also, my old phone was breaking because it would always freeze and shut down, which this new phone hasn’t done yet.

MDO: Would you recommend it to others?

QH: I would recommend it to others due to what I have experienced. It’s really cool, but I have only had it for a couple of days and haven’t really gotten over the “new” phone kind of feel. It confuses me a little but I’m sure after a while I’ll get used to it.

MDO: Have you had any disappointments with the phone?

QH: I don’t have any criticisms because of the short time I have had it. It seems a little big but I’ll probably or hopefully get used to it soon!