How About A Book? Recommendations from Our Teachers

Emily Fritze, Writer

As summer comes we all struggle to cram as much information into our heads as humanly possible, but once summer is finally here it seems like every piece of information we’ve ever learned escapes our heads. We pick it all back up once we come back to school, but a good way to stop the constant flow of exiting information is simply to read. Reading is said to reduce stress, improve overall knowledge, improve analytical skills, enhance concentration, and even make us better writers. With all these benefits there is no reason why we shouldn’t read, especially once our hours are no longer filled with essays and studying. To get some recommendations for books to read in the summer I asked a few of the teachers about a few of their favorite books:


Ms. Vilarino:              Light: The Game of Thrones Series by, George R.R. Martin

Educational: Jane Eyre by, Charlotte Bronte, A Tree grows in Brooklyn by, Betty Smith


Ms. Bergen:              Light: The Game of Thrones Series by, George R.R Martin

Educational: Choose something that you find difficult, and even something you will have to read next year so you will have gone through it once before you have to analyze it, like the poem Paradise Lost, by John Milton

Ms. Brzozowzwski              Light: Firefly Lane by, Kristen Hannah

Educational- The Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass


Mrs. O’Rourke            Light: books by, Maeve Binchy

Educational: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, by Betty Smith

Ms. Maffei              Light: Jodi Picoult books

Educational: The Coquette, by Hannah Webster Foster

Be sure to look at the summer reading list for even more ideas, and thanks to all the teachers for their recommendations!