Diets: the Meals, the Myths, the Legends

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Diets: the Meals, the Myths, the Legends

Isabel Brownlee

Healthy foods are the first step.

Isabel Brownlee, Writer

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Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets are among many others that are mandatory for some, but are perceived by others as a way to shed pounds. People will try anything in their power to lose weight, such as adhering to strict lifestyle changes when it comes to what they eat. Although the term “vegan” has been thrown around much more recently, you may not know what going “paleo” means or what the Mediterranean diet is.

First, to bash some diet myths, going gluten-free if you are not actually gluten intolerant (celiac) has no apparent health benefits. Gluten is a protein found in several nutritious foods such as various whole grains. Also, not eating will kill your metabolism so skipping meals actually slows weight loss. Low carb diets are also popular: cutting foods like grains, vegetables, and milk, while stressing eating more protein. This high protein, low-carb diet has been seen to cause problems like high cholesterol and kidney problems. And another diet like the Mediterranean diet? Consists of things like plant-based foods, and dairy and protein in small amounts.

But among these and more, what is the best overall diet? The DASH diet has been called the best overall diet by U.S. News and World Report for helping with weight loss, being easy to follow, and its safety. It is a balanced plan which also has cardiovascular benefits and it showed favorable results when tested if it can prevent and control diabetes. The diet emphasizes lean proteins and fiber packed fruits and vegetables to help keep you full which will keep you from munching on oily potato chips and processed sweets. In all categories, the DASH diet proves to be efficient in leading a healthy life when accompanied by exercise.


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