College Apparel

I could not be more excited to graduate and start college. As a senior, deciding that you are going to a college you love is the most amazing feeling. Nothing is better than knowing that you in fact have been accepted into a college, and even better, loving the college where you are attending.

One of the first things I did when I decided on Marist College was order tons and tons of Marist apparel. This is when I realized that college apparel has become more than just the items sold in the school’s bookstore. Instagram accounts dedicated to handmade college apparel, and other third party websites that have no relation to the college itself having started popping up everywhere. These online sellers offer more than just a regular jersey; they offer clothes that are designed to be worn to sporting events, tailgates, etc. The designs are simple, and easy to be made, but if you do not feel like making them yourself, here are some sellers that will happily make college apparel for any college you may want:



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