Spring Nail Trends


Elyse Harris

One of Elyse's nail designs

So the weather has officially changed from the 7/7 days a week being cold to around 5/7 days. If those days happen to fall on a weekday, MHS students can be caught breaking out their best spring outfit. For girls, this also means a trip to the nail salon, so their new sandals can be perfectly displayed on their newly pedicured feet. So with spring break around the corner and the occasional flower blooming, I figured it’s time to catch up with student Elyse Harris, owner of the instagram account, swiftpolish, on the latest nail colors for spring:

MDO: What are your top 5 favorite nail colors for Spring?

My top 5 favorite nail colors for spring are Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple,” a light green, “Play Date,” a fun, bright purple, “Bikini So Teeny,” a light blue with a little bit of shimmer, “Cascade Cool,” a light, cotton candy pink, and last but not least “Where’s My Chauffeur,” a turquoise. All these colors are warm and bright, perfect for Spring!


MDO:Are there any designs that you save specifically for spring?

I definitely save floral designs for Spring because the flowers start blooming and everyone knows that the nice weather is coming.

MDO:Also what’s one spring color that you recommend everyone try?

One Spring color I recommend everyone try is “Bikini So Teeny” by Essie. I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of it because of its popularity last year, but I think it’s a perfect color for Spring!
Thanks Elyse for so generously answering our questions!