In Between Season Fashion


Rae Crescas

We like our editor's jeans.

It’s that time of the year again. The time of year where you’ll be perfectly comfortable wearing a sweater and pants in the morning, and then be sweating in the afternoon. The weather this month has been so bipolar, that choosing an outfit has been more difficult than usual. So, what can you wear when the weather is between summer and winter yet not exactly spring?

Cuffed Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are great and very popular this season because they look better for spring and are often in lighter colors instead of the usual dark wash. They also look great paired with slip on sneakers or sandals.

Sandals and Pants

Sandals with pants are perfect for weather as bipolar as this. They are a perfect way to show that you are ready for spring/summer but also guarantee that you aren’t too cold for the weather.

A Tank top and Jacket

This outfit is personally my favorite for this weather (and it’s not just because I’m wearing it). Pairing a tank top with a jacket or cardigan is cute and comfortable. Especially because when the weather starts to get warmer during the day, you always have the option to take off the jacket instead of having to use your senior priv to go home and change.