Hair-Tie Bracelet


Rae Crescas

Students' hairties

Simply keeping a hair tie on your wrist is so convenient, but the dent that a tight hair tie leaves on your wrist is a common problem that any girl with hair has to deal with. A simple black hair tie also isn’t amazing arm candy, but is forgiven because it is just so convenient for everyone. However, a new company, called BitterSweet has created a way to fashionably wear a hair tie. The story behind the BitterSweet is super sweet. Shireen Maria Thor and her husband, Arni, are both engineers. One Christmas, Arni created a metal bracelet holder for Shireen’s elastics. He engraved her name in Persian (her mom’s native language). But because Persian reads left to right, it said Maria Shireen—which translates to BitterSweet.

The bracelet can fit one thick hair tie or two thin ones and sells for around $45-$85. BitterSweet offers bracelets in sterling silver, gold, and even plastic for children. Although $85 does seem a little steep for a simple bracelet, it can actually be more useful than you would think. Due to the absorbent nature of hair ties, bacteria get stuck in the fabric of the hair tie and can cause serious infections that, if left untreated, can even result in a coma. Yes, the coma is the worst case sanario, but the idea that something as common as a hair tie can eventually be life threatening is still frightening.