Fur Keychain Trend

The fur pom pom is this winter's accessory trend.

Rae Crescas

The fur pom pom is this winter's accessory trend.

Recently, the majority of the licensed girls at MHS have been sporting a fur pom-pom keychain with their keys. These keychains can be found ranging anywhere from $5-50 and can be made out of really any type of fur, but are most commonly made out of faux fur or rabbit fur. These keychains are a unique form of personalization.

I personally bought my first fur keychain when I got my license last April. I bought it because it was the perfect way to connect my wallet and my keys, both of which are things that I frequently lose. I got the idea from Kendall and Kylie Jenner who both had instagrammed pictures of their keychains. However, I did not know where they bought them and really struggled to find somewhere that sold a fur keychain. Because Amazon, sells everything from groceries to cars, I was convinced that they would be selling what I wanted. I eventually found a seller that sold virtually every color pom pom and ordered one. Since then, designers like Michael Kors, Fendi, Gucci and even Louis Vuitton have started selling these keychains.

I have gone through about three keychains because my dog seems to think they are one of his chew toys, but because they are made in literally every color and are now sold almost everywhere, it is really easy to find a new one that I like just as much as my last. They really don’t serve much of a purpose instead of making your keys look cool, but they are a fun way of personalizing your keys.