May the Force Be With You (And Your Closet!)


Rae Crescas

The force is everywhere

The new Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens movie has taken off and even broken many box office records with a total of around $740.3 million made on ticket sales. I personally have never been a fan of Star Wars (sorry), but know the general plot of the whole ordeal. Unlike myself, millions of fans ran to the nearest theater to see the Star Wars movie this break. Everyone seems to really be enjoying the movie, even some popular clothing stores. Stores like WeLoveFine and Forever 21 have even launched their own Star Wars themed collections. The clothing in these collections are not your typical fan t-shirt & sweatshirt. These stores have designed apparel that are both on trend, and on theme.

Forever 21 has crop tops, t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, shorts, dresses, jumpsuits, and even a body-suit for sale that are all creatively Star Wars themed. This was a great business move for Forever 21, because it attracts fans that may not be regular customers to their stores. Therefore, fans may also look in Forever 21’s other sections and make a purchase. This form of retailing and marketing is very strategic and will benefit the company.

Although I do not see myself or really anyone sane buying a Star Wars themed bodysuit, Forever 21’s ability to launch a creative line on time with the popular movie is impressive. If you are a Star Wars fan, I would consider stopping by the Short Hills Mall and checking out Forever 21’s Star Wars collection.
May the force be with you.