Upcoming Trend: Adidas Shoes and the Secret to Ordering Them

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Upcoming Trend: Adidas Shoes and the Secret to Ordering Them

Rae Crescas, Fashion Blogger

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Popular fads and trends are more likely to start in major cities and then spread to suburban areas around one year after they first became popular. However, due to Madison’s proximity to New York City, a major fashion hotspot, trends become popular much faster than if Madison was located in an area like rural Pennsylvania. One trend that is beginning to hit Madison is the Adidas classic shoe. In the past few years, sneakers have become more than just an athletic shoe. Wearing an Adidas sneaker as a fashionable shoe is just starting to become popular in suburban towns, but has been a staple for urban teens for quite a while now.

For those of you who don’t follow any of the Kardashians or Kanye West on any social media platform, you probably aren’t aware that Kanye West has been doing collaborations with Adidas and featuring his work in New York Fashion Week. His collections are impeccable and signing Kanye was a huge business move for Adidas. Kanye, famous for his singing, as well as the Kardashians, famous for being famous, have helped make Adidas a more popular brand, specifically among teens. This has helped Adidas gain momentum in the past few years.

Specifically, the Adidas Superstar or the Adidas Stan Smith’s have become very popular. The Adidas Superstars are basically the Adidas classic shoe with the signature black stripes on the side. They are very flattering for any foot shape or size and the gold detailing is not too flashy. These shoes signify simplicity, yet the style adds an urban touch to the shoe. They are a good pair of shoes that can be dressed up or down. I own a pair of the Adidas Superstars and I really love their look. They are a more rugged option than the Adidas Stan Smith’s. Adidas did a collaboration with Stan Smith and created a line of wonderful, everyday shoes. Looking at the Stan Smith’s, you would probably think Stan Smith is a hip, young athlete who would most likely live in a trendy apartment in SoHo; at least that’s what I thought. Little did I know, Stan Smith is a retired, 68 year-old, tennis player who definitely doesn’t live in a small SoHo apartment. Although his shoe does not symbolize who he is, the Stan Smith shoe is more colorful and compact than the Adidas Superstar. They are customizable and have become a huge trend in cities across the country. Both shoes have become very trendy and appeal to many different types of consumers.

Due to the popularity of the Adidas Superstars, all women’s Superstars in white are not available online. Not wanting to drive to the closest Adidas store, or pay for the $110 customizable shoe, which was guaranteed to be in my size, I checked every single online store that just might have the Adidas Superstar. There was nothing. All of the stores were either completely sold out of the shoe or did not have my size. My heart was broken. This was the end. I couldn’t imagine waiting a month for my size to be delivered, after all, I am an impatient consumer and I need my shoes now! After reading countless reviews of the shoe, dreaming of what could have been, I learned that the shoe is a unisex shoe, and if I could find my size in a men’s shoe, I would be able to have them in 5-6 business days! Men’s sizes are roughly 2 sizes bigger than women’s, and the Adidas Superstars run about half a size large; the math student in me has outlined the the female to male conversion for the Adidas superstar:


Men’s size = Female size – 2.5

My size in mens was available and 5-6 business days later, my shoes were delivered. They fit perfectly and no one can really tell that they are, in fact, a men’s shoe.

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