Kong: Skull Island Review

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Check IMDb for everything you need to know about Kong

Maggie Smith

Check IMDb for everything you need to know about Kong

Last weekend the all new King Kong movie opened in theaters. Kong: Skull Island stars Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, John C. Reilly, and Samuel L. Jackson. Kong received a 7.1 on IMDb, a 62 on Metascore, and a 79% on Rotten Tomatoes. Kong is a very action packed and never really slows down. The movie is known for the graphics and CGI used to create Skull Island, which was incredible. It was an interesting mix of CGI monsters and real on location shooting.


Kong takes place in the 70s, right after the end of the Vietnam war, and is about a team of scientists attempting to get to Skull Island before the Russian’s do. The head scientist, played by John Goodman, travels around the world looking for people to fill out his team of explorers. He hires a Lt. Colonel (Samuel L. Jackson) and his unit, an ex British special forces (Tom Hiddleston), and a National Geographic photographer (Brie Larson) to join him as he maps Skull Island. Goodman’s character is the only one who knows that Kong is on the island, which leads to a series of disasters. The plot only unfolds from there, with Jackson’s character developing a bitter hatred for Kong that causes him to slowly lose control, while Hiddleston’s character desperately tries to get everyone off of the island. Along the way they meet Reilly’s character, a stranded WWII vet who is currently living with the natives of Skull Island.


Overall Kong: Skull Island was a fun, action packed movie, and definitely fun to watch. Visually, it’s incredible both in respect to scenery and cinematography. Throughout the movie there were several moments of homage to the original King Kong (1933), even though it is only the second Kong movie not to include the original characters. Kong also sets up a universe that will tie into Godzilla (2014), and set up the new Kong vs. Godzilla movie, coming in a few years. For anyone going to watch it, stay tuned for a scene after the credits!





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