A Lovely Night to See La La Land!


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As seen at the Golden Globes, the newly released movie La La Land has been hyped over since its release. The movie stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, both very talented actors who have also starred in the movie “Crazy Stupid Love”, released in 2011.

La La Land opens with Emma Stone, who plays a young girl named Mia trying to pursue a career in film and theater. After auditioning for many roles and being turned down for almost all of them, Mia decides to write her own one-woman show. While in the process of writing her play, she meets a young man named Sebastian, a talented pianist who strongly believes in the power of jazz and it’s impact on musicians. The two of them encourage each other to pursue these dreams and even end up falling in love along the way. Both Mia and Sebastian show how important it is to never give up on your dreams and always do what you love. The movie not only inspires the people who watch it, but forces them to jump out of their seats and dance. The music is extremely catchy and very different from the types of music we hear today. Senior Maggie Smith says “La La Land has given me a new found love for jazz and it makes me nostalgic for classic Hollywood movies.”

I definitely believe La La Land is worth the hype, but it may not be for some people. People who enjoy romance, musicals, comedies, or classic movies will enjoy La La Land. Others who enjoy action, thrillers, or horror movies may not enjoy La La Land, considering it’s quite long and a little bit slow. I definitely recommend everyone see this movie, even if you’re unsure of whether you’ll like it, because you may be surprised.