Dracula, the Superhero

Dracula, the Superhero

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Will Wraith, Writer

In the newest adaption of Bram Stoker’s masterpiece, the 2014 film “Dracula Untold”, Vlad the Impaler is cast in a surprisingly bright light. The prince of Wallachia, notorious for his acts of extreme cruelty shown towards his enemies, is a valiant hero in the eyes of his people and family in this Irish-American dark fantasy. This alternative viewpoint makes for interesting results.


When Turks begin to cross the line, Vlad is forced to resort to a deal with a vampire to protect his citizens. The adored leader gains the abilities of the blood-sucking phenom for three days, but here’s the catch: he must resist sucking anyone’s blood.


It’s clear that writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless have done their homework. If half super hero half villain struggling internally sounds familiar to you, it’s not surprising considering the highest-grossing collection of movies from this decade follow a similar theme. Of course, I’m referring to the astronomically successful Dark Knight trilogy. Though I’m making it clear that Dracula Untold is not nearly as entertaining as any of the modern Batman films, it’s still worth a watch.


Overall Rating: 6.8


The Gothic production of this film makes for a unique visual experience in some aspects. 300, a 2007 fantasy war film based on the legendary Spartan Army, can be compared to this display. It catches the attention of the human eye especially during emotional action scenes.


Luke Evans, Dracula, shines. He is fluid and appears to understand his character well. But, his supporting cast lacks the ability to really complement him. Sarah Gadon and Dominic Cooper are average actors.


Untold is very predictable as well, but worth the watch if you enjoy action.


Verdict: save it for a rainy day.