Music Survey: Best Living Rapper Today?

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Music Survey: Best Living Rapper Today?


Will Wraith, Writer

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Rap has a substantial place in today’s youth culture. The genre which began to gain mainstream success in the early 90’s has skyrocketed ever since. Every young person has heard of Tupac Shakur or the notorious “Biggie Smalls”, who were both made martyrs after tragic drive by shootings that occurred a year apart from each other in 1996 and ’97. Acts like Chicago’s Kanye West, Detroit’s Eminem, Brooklyn’s Jay-Z, LA’s Kendrick Lamar, and Toronto’s Drake have managed to keep rap on the radio with some originality in the 2000’s. The game is alive well, but who really owns the throne?

After surveying 100 Madison student asking their opinions on the best rapper alive today, the results are as follows:

Kendrick Lamar: 36 votes

Eminem: 22 votes

Kanye west: 11 votes

Lil wayne: 8 votes

Nas: 4 votes

Drake: 3 votes

Schoolboy Q: 3 votes

Chance the rapper: 3 votes

Asap Rocky: 3 votes

Jay Z: 2 votes

Childish Gambino: 2 votes

Mac Miller: 2 votes

Mos Def: 1

Not surprisingly, Compton native Kendrick Lamar takes the cake. His critically acclaimed 2013 album “good kid, m.A.A.d city” was nominated at the Grammys for best hip hop album of the year. His extensive vocabulary and raw flow never cease to impress. Eminem and Kanye West come in as close 2nd and 3rd choices.

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