Potted Potter

Emily Fritze, Writer

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Potted Potter


It’s no surprise that the world loves Harry Potter, and the new show A Potted Potter is just one more example of how much. The show is an off-broadway rendition of all seven Harry Potter books mashed together. As more of a comedy than anything else, all the characters are portrayed by only two actors, Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner. The show opened on June 3rd, 2012 and has extended its playing date to September 1st this year, exemplifying just how crazy Harry Potter fans are for anything Harry Potter. Similar to the YouTube phenomenon A Very Potter Musical, the show is fast and interactive with the audience, but unlike A Very Potter Musical it was made for younger children as well as adults. A Potted Potter is done black box, using only minimal props to act out the whole story. Even though A Potted Potter is all about the books main characters viewers do not need to have any background information on the books in order to enjoy the show. The reviews for the show have been amazing and the show was a nominee for the Olivier Awards as well as a critics pick of the New York Times. It looks as though Harry Potter fans have yet another way to enjoy Harry Potter and this one may even be entertaining enough for the rest of the world to love too.

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