prill ice cream

Day of Service Ice Cream Party

Chloe Schorr, Writer
May 29, 2014

This Friday, May 30th, Madison High School will be participating in the annual Day of Service during which students will be given the opportunity to complete their volunteer service requirement. Marcia Prill, the Service Learning Coordinator, is planning an ice cream party for all participants.... (more...)

The Netflix Addiction

Chloe Schorr, Writer
May 27, 2014

Coffee is an unstoppable epidemic, as is fast food and even marijuana. We have developed highly addictive personalities that hooks us on trends and fads quickly and easily. But the most popular drug by far is the Internet, specifically the one website that makes up about 35% of all data usage... (more...)

Brooke Birmingham

Brooke Birmingham Emphasizes True Meaning of Beauty

Chloe Schorr, Writer
May 13, 2014

Shape magazine is a magazine dedicated to helping women live better, healthier lifestyles. It features healthy food choices, workout routines, and success stories of women who turned their lives around for the sole purpose of feeling better. However, one success story is missing from this months... (more...)


MHS Talent Show Coming Soon!

Chloe Schorr, Writer
April 23, 2014

Madison High School’s annual Talent Show is coming up, and the student body is buzzing with excitement. The highly anticipated event has always been well attended and the same is expected for this year. With tickets at $10, the senior class hopes to raise about $4,000 as one of their last... (more...)


If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be? “Embrace your quirks and express what you love. Don’t let others dictate who you are and what you do. We are all unique miracles, so respect the person you are.”

Chloe Schorr, Writer
March 26, 2014


“My mom wants me to be a comedian or an astrophysicist. My dad just wants me to be friendlier to people.”

Chloe Schorr, Writer
March 26, 2014


Warren Buffet Introduces Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge

Chloe Schorr, Writer
March 19, 2014

Do you want to win $1 billion dollars and the greatest bragging rights in sports history? It’s actually very simple. All you have to do is enter multi-billionaire Warren Buffet’s Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge. To enter, contestants must go on Yahoo and be one of the first... (more...)

w gaskins

Madison Artist Pays Homage to Veteran

Chloe Schorr, Writer
March 4, 2014

Last year, Teri Minogue was putting up artwork in the display case when Madison High School janitor, Willy Gaskins, stopped to admire her work. Mr. Gaskins has worked as a janitor for about 20 years in the Madison school system and loves his job. He says he “loves working with people who... (more...)


“What’s important in your life?” – “Having a relationship with God and having that to get through things in life and having awesome friendships with awesome people.”

Chloe Schorr, Writer
March 3, 2014


Metlife Hosts the Superbowl

Chloe Schorr, Writer
January 28, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII will be played at Metlife Stadium on February 2, 2014. The first cold weather Super Bowl promises to be a nail biter, with the Denver Broncos superior offense going up against the Seattle Seahawks impregnable defense. Both teams finished the season with a record of 13-3 and... (more...)

Julia dance photo

MHS Student Spotlight: Julia Guiheen

Chloe Schorr, Writer
January 13, 2014

Julia Guiheen, a senior at Madison High School, exemplifies beauty and grace through her special talent: dance. In 7th grade, Julia decided to start dancing because she didn’t really enjoy sports and she wanted to be active. She was inspired by the New York City Ballet (NYCB) Nutcracker to... (more...)


Heisman Hopeful Faces Hardship

Chloe Schorr, Writer
December 4, 2013

Up until recently, Jameis Winston was thought to be a top contender for the Heisman award. Florida State’s superstar freshman quarterback has led the Seminoles to their first undefeated season since 1999 with superior athletic ability. He led his team to a 37-7 victory against state rivals,... (more...)

Evan Webb

Know Your Student Stars: Evan Webb

Chloe Schorr, Writer
November 18, 2013

When a plane flies over someone in the sky, they often think where it is going, however usually no one wonders who is flying it. With metal wings and a wheel in his hands, Madison’s own Evan Webb has often been the pilot of these planes. Webb started flying three years ago at Morristown Airport... (more...)

breast cancer photo

Think Pink

Chloe Schorr, Writer
October 17, 2013

If you walk through downtown Madison during the month of October, you are bound to see pink. Whether you see pink hangers at One Hour Modernizing Dry Cleaner, or pink lights wrapped around the poles on Waverly Place, you will see something representing the fight against breast cancer. From... (more...)

Tommy Anderson

Know Your Student Stars: Tommy Anderson

Chloe Schorr, Writer
October 7, 2013

We all remember those awful middle school dances. Uncomfortable preteens arrive in their very best outfits and awkwardly stand around until, slowly, a trend starts to emerge. The crowd splits. A “magnetic” force begins to repel the sexes and the pubescent teens avoid all possible contact,... (more...)

marching band

Madison Marching Dodgers March on

Chloe Schorr, Writer
October 4, 2013

  The Madison Marching Dodgers are hosting their first competition, The Tournament of Bands, at our own Ted Monica Stadium this Sunday. On October 6 at 1 pm bands from all around the area will come to Madison High to compete for a spot in the Atlantic Coast Championship. In previous years... (more...)

College Freshman- Becca Johnson

Going From High School to College

Chloe Schorr, Writer
September 19, 2013

  College isn’t mandatory and it sure isn’t cheap; so why do so many 18 year olds graduate high school after 13 years of schooling and take the right of passage into college? Maybe the freedom of a dorm room and the gourmet meal plans beckon some. Or it could have to do with the want... (more...)