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  • Update on the Presidential Race

    Update on the Presidential Race

    Brain Culligan, Writer

    Even with election day just under one year away, the tense political scene is evolving at a rate so rapid that many Americans find it difficult to keep up with the latest information. Amidst frequent debates, changes in poll rankings, drop-out announcements, and arising controversy, identifying with a... READ MORE »»


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  • Hazing Is Hazardous

    Hazing Is Hazardous

    Kaitlyn Strada and Julia Prout

    WHAT IS HAZING? Hazing occurs when a person is forced to complete tasks or rituals, that are often difficult and or humiliating, in order to gain acceptance or admittance into a specific group, whether it be a fraternity or sorority, team or club.  Hazing comes in many different forms, including ... READ MORE »»

    So close, yet so far away

    Kaitlyn Strada

  • Christmas Time: Boohoo!

    Christmas Time: Boohoo!

    Maggie Smith, Writer

    There’s no slated time to start getting in the Christmas spirit, but there’s also no slated time to get into the Halloween spirit, or the Easter spirit, or the Thanksgiving spirit, and yet, people always get into Christmas way too early. Christmas commericals this year started November first. Halloween... READ MORE »»

    Save it for December!

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  • Racist, and Proud of It
    Arts and Entertainment

    Racist, and Proud of It

    Whitney Xu, Writer

    “Why are you hosting Saturday Night Live?” Donald Trump asks himself contemplatively during his monologue. He answers himself: “I have really nothing better to do.” A smattering of weak laughter ripples through the audience, a pattern that will continue for the rest of the night. While Donald T... READ MORE »»

    NBC Has Hell "Toupee"

    Screenshot from NBC.com

  • Christmas Time: Woohoo!

    Christmas Time: Woohoo!

    Marin Imoff, Writer

    There’s no specific time a person should start preparing for Christmas, so why do so many people judge when Christmas music is played in November? If you’re like me, you start to get into the Christmas spirit the day after Halloween. Yes, this may sound crazy, but us Christmas junkees have our r... READ MORE »»

    Bring it on!

    Marin Imhoff


Madison’s Music Taste

Madison’s Music Taste

Brian Culligan, Writer

Madison is a town full of music enthusiasts. The well-funded Arts department, student bands, public performances, and mass of headphones visible during the school day are all a...  Read More »

November 4, 2015 • 3 comments

Currently listening to Rabblerouse by Milo

So the Flies Dont Come- Milo

October 15, 2015

Back to School Playlist

September 29, 2015

MDO staffers outside the show

An Interview with Frankie Cosmos

September 29, 2015

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Student Life

Nhanging Cames?

Nhanging Cames?

Julia Prout, Junior Editor-in-Chief

It’s that time of the year again! The senior class is filling out and sending in applications for colleges, and keeping aware of their social media “footprint” on the...  Read More »

November 9, 2015 • 0 comments

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Fashion to Follow

Halloween Fashion Tips

Rae Crescas, Fashion Blogger

Halloween is right around the corner and i could not be more excited. As a proud owner of a countdown to Halloween app, my costume has been ready since September. However, fo...  Read More »

November 4, 2015 • 0 comments

Fun fall colors

Leaves Are Changing, So Should Your Nails

October 15, 2015

Dodger Delirious

Madison High School Fashion Trends: The Tutu

September 29, 2015

When Fashion isn’t Always Fashion

September 28, 2015

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Hazing Is Hazardous

Hazing Is Hazardous

Kaitlyn Strada and Julia Prout

WHAT IS HAZING? Hazing occurs when a person is forced to complete tasks or rituals, that are often difficult and or humiliating, in order to gain acceptance or admittance...  Read More »

November 19, 2015 • 0 comments

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Evolution of the iPhone

Evolution of the iPhone

Samantha de Poortere, Writer

Eight years ago the first iPhone was released.  Since then, every year around September a new version is unveiled. In 2013 the 5s and 5c were released, in 2014 the iPhone ...  Read More »

September 29, 2015 • 1 comment

Two Madison High School  Faculty at their Wedding.

Equal Rights for All

September 20, 2015

Ms. McCarthy in her classroom

Teacher Feature: Carolyn McCarthy

September 16, 2015

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Arts and Entertainment

Kudzoo App

Kudzoo App

Sam de Poortre, Writer

Kudzoo. What exactly is it? On one hand there is Kudzu, which is a serious invasive plant in the United States that has been spreading in the South. Well, in this case we...  Read More »

November 18, 2015 • 0 comments

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